Life Through Time – Evolutionary Palaeontology (Week 7)

The great Cretaceous ocean

A colour pdf of the notes for week 7’s class can be downloaded here: 2013_LifeThruTime_Lect7_colour. I will try to add a black and white version soon.

Links for week 7’s class are as follows:

Chen & Benton’s (2012) paper on the recovery of life after the end-Permian extinction can be read here: Chen_Benton2012_PT_recovery

Was Nyasasaurus the first dinosaur? Read about it here.

“Fossil eggshells: fragments from the past” can be found here.

My attempt to explain why birds aren’t bird-hipped can be read here.

The Natural History Museum’s online resource on ‘Dino-birds’ can be read here. The paper by Zelenitsky et al. (2012) on feathered dinosaurs can be read here: Zelenitsky_etal2012_dino_feathers

Geerat Vermeij’s (1977) paper on the Mesozoic Marine Revolution can be read here: Vermeij1977_MMR

A detailed website exploring the evolution of seed plants can be accessed here.

A paper by Duchesne and Larson (1989) investigating the role of cellulose in the evolution of plants can be read here: Duchesne_Larson1989_cellulose_plant_evoln



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