Life Through Time – Evolutionary Palaeontology (Part 4)

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The Ordovician graptolite Didymograptus murchisoni.

A pdf of the slides from class 4 can be downloaded here: 2013_LifeThruTime_Lect4

The article that suggested a link between meteorite impacts and the Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event can be read here.

A post on the Ordovician Fezouata fauna of Morocco, which contains amazing ‘Cambrian’ fossils, can be read here.

What is a species? We will examine this further in class 5, but a modern overview is provided here.

A short BBC Wales film on Cwm Hirnant and the end-Ordovician extinction can be found here.

Palaeocast is an excellent new website with a series of online interviews about hot topics in palaeontology and fossils.  with the discoverers of the giant Ordovician trilobite, Isotelus rex, can be found on Palaeocast here.

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