Yorkshire Coast Fossils

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Sutures in a Jurassic ammonite fossil (cast) from Ravenscar, North Yorkshire.

What books should you buy if you’re interested in Yorkshire Coast fossils? Well, I recommend these ones:

The Geology of the Yorkshire Coast (Pete Rawson & John Wright) – Geologists Association field guide.

Trilobites, Dinosaurs & Mammoths (James McKay) – beautifully illustrated introduction to Britain’s prehistoric life.

Yorkshire Rock (Richard Bell) – another splendidly illustrated introduction, this time to the geology of Yorkshire.

The Missing Lynx (Ross Barnett) – lots of fascinating insights into Ice Age Britain.


The third class in Yorkshire Coast Fossils looks at the Cretaceous and Quaternary.

A website providing a nice introduction to the fossils of the East Yorkshire coast, and where to find them, can be found here.

Fossils of the Speeton Clay (Hull Geological Society)

Belemnites of the Speeton Clay (Northern Fells Science & Art)


The second class in Yorkshire Coast Fossils looks at the Middle and Upper Jurassic.

Hans Steur’s webpages on the Jurassic flora of North Yorkshire can be found here.

Mike Romano & Martin Whyte’s 2003 paper on the Jurassic dinosaur footprints of the Yorkshire Coast can be read here.

The 2018 paper by Sam Slater and colleagues on dinosaur-plant interactions in the Middle Jurassic of Yorkshire can be read here.

John Wright & Pete Rawson’s 2014 paper on the development of the Betton Farm coral bed can be downloaded here. There’s also a nice article here about exploring the Upper Jurassic localities of North Yorkshire by Prof Mark Wilson of Wooster College.


The slides for my first class of the Hidden Horizons course ‘Yorkshire Coast Fossils’ can be downloaded below:

The British Geological Survey‘s online Geology of Britain viewer is here, whilst the app can be downloaded here.

The Natural History Museum‘s Fossil Explorer app can be downloaded here.

The UK Fossils Network has a pretty good list of Yorkshire Coast locations where you can go fossil-hunting.

Read about Will Watts (founder of Hidden Horizons) taking Guardian writer Kevin Rushby fossil-hunting on the Yorkshire Coast in this article from 2017.

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