My ’22 Top Ten – 8. Yorkshire Fossil Festival

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At some point I should probably write a proper blogpost about how marvellous the 2022 Yorkshire Fossil Festival, which I organized in Scarborough over the weekend of September 16th to 18th, was. Now is not that point.

Scarborough News: the Yorkshire Fossil Festival rocks!

Instead, I will refer you to the image above; the fact that we won an award for excellence in geological education from the Geologists’ Association; and the following messages posted on the website now owned by Melon Usk:

Christine Rostron (Scarborough Museums & Galleries)

Chris Jarvis (Oxford University Museum of Natural History)

Meghan Jenkinson (University of Leeds)

Dr Katie Strang (Scottish Geology Trust, our 2022 William Smith lecturer)

Fossils in t’Hills

Dr Ria Mitchell

Prof Chris Jackson (our 2022 Sue & Pete Rawson lecturer)

Vicki Glover (dinosaur wrangler for Rentadinosaur)

Dr Rebecca Williams, volcanologist

So, if you missed out this year, make sure you keep the weekend of June 10th & 11th free, and get yourself to Whitby for the 2023 Yorkshire Fossil Festival!


Earth scientist in North Yorkshire, fossilist on the Cote de Saur. Director of the Yorkshire Fossil Festival and palaeontologist for hire. Can be found twittering and facebooking as @fossiliam.