Jurassic geology of Yons Nab, North Yorkshire

Yons Nab, viewed from the Cleveland Way, looking north towards Scarborough (Photo (C) John Fielding, Geograph.org.uk)

I was going through some papers in the loft and I came across a sedimentary log of Yons Nab, North Yorkshire, which I drew up in 2009 after visiting the site with Prof. Duncan McIlroy. As I’m never going to do anything with it, I thought I’d simply publish it here.

If you’d like to explore the Middle and Upper Jurassic geology of Cayton Bay and Yons Nab yourself, there’s an itinerary available online, written by Mike Romano and Martin Whyte in 2006, as part of the Yorkshire Geological Society‘s Yorkshire Rocks & Landscape field guide. I wonder if my log agrees with theirs…?


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