An Introduction to Geology: 5


Gneiss (image from Wikimedia Commons)

A pdf of the lecture slides – 2013_IntroGeol_Lect5_meta

Types, grades and facies of metamorphism (a guide by the British Geological Survey).

Classification of metamorphic rocks (from Kentucky University)

A list of metamorphic mineral types (from UC Santa Barbara)

Metamorphic minerals (National Museum of Wales guide)

An atlas of metamorphic minerals in thin section (from Oxford University)

Barrovian metamorphism (from James Madison University)

George Barrow, metamorphic pioneer (from Oxford Dictionary of National Biography)

Chiastolite slate from the Lake District (from the NE Geological Society)

A simple introduction to rock deformation – rheology – can be found here (from the University of Leeds). It might prove useful for lecture 6 too!


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