A Geological History of Britain – part 5

Silurian and Devonian – closure of Iapetus and the building of Britain

The lecture notes for class 5 are available as a pdf here: 2012_GHB_Lect5

Images from the GCR book “British Silurian Stratigraphy” can be found here.  They include a comparison of Murchison, Sedgwick and Lapworth’s stratigraphies with that recognized in the late 20th Century (which has since been modified, of course!).

Images from the GCR book “Caledonian Igneous Rocks of Great Britain” can be found here.  There are a LOT of pictures, and they include the Shetland and other Scottish ophiolites, and the various Ordovician-Silurian-Devonian igneous rocks of Scotland, the Lake District and Wales.

Images from the GCR book “Caledonian Structures in Britain South of the Midland Valley” can be found here.  They cover the Caledonian structural geology of the Southern Uplands, the Lake District, and Wales.

A Scottish Natural Heritage guide to the geology of south-west Scotland, including the Southern Uplands, can be downloaded by clicking here.  The SNH website includes a fair amount of other information on Scotland’s geology.

Charles Lapworth’s interpretation of the structure of the Southern Uplands can be found here.  A short biography of the man can be found here.

Images from the GCR book “The Old Red Sandstone of Great Britain” can be found here.  The Devonian fishes of Caithness and the Moray Firth are covered in detail in Chapter 6.


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