2021 Fossils and Geology events

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Yorkshire: a haven for geology and palaeontology

Please find below a list of the fossils and geology events and activities I am leading, or involved with, in 2021:

New for 2021, our York Hidden History walks (with Dr Simon Rogerson) are now up-and-running, with a theme of ‘Elemental York’. Each walk takes place within the mediaeval city walls of York, and lasts around 2 hours. Tickets are £8 for adults, £4 for 11-to-16-year-olds, and free for under-11s:

  • York Air Walk – Mondays at 10am, starting at Micklegate Bar.
  • York Fire Walk – Mondays at 2pm, starting outside the Yorkshire Museum.
  • York Earth Walk – Thursdays at 10am, starting at Micklegate Bar.
  • York Water Walk – Thursdays at 2pm, starting outside the Yorkshire Museum.
  • You can also book onto the walks using the Hidden Horizons Facebook page.

On the coast, our Hidden Horizons family fossil-hunts are back, and I will be leading trips to Runswick Bay and Cayton Bay this summer, as well as dinosaur walks in Scarborough’s South Bay.

Runswick Bay, viewed from Hill Stones.

‘Hidden University’ (online fossils classes with Hidden Horizons):

  • Our Autumn/Winter 2021-22 programme of Hidden University courses will go live later this summer, but will definitely feature classes such as An Introduction to Fossils.

Earth Science: Learning for Pleasure (online Saturday classes with the University of York’s Centre for Lifelong Learning):

  • My 2020-21 classes have now finished, but I will be offering a number of Earth Science learning for pleasure classes again in 2021-22.

Yorkshire Fossil Festival 2021 (Fri Sept 10th to Sun Sept 12th 2021, at the Rotunda Museum, Scarborough):

Northern England’s biggest annual celebration of fossils and palaeontology – more details coming soon!

Earth scientist in York, fossilist across Yorkshire. Co-director of the Yorkshire Fossil Festival and palaeontologist for hire. Can be found twittering, facebooking, and instagramming as @fossiliam.