A Geological History of Yorkshire

Middle Jurassic trace fossils from the Yorkshire coast

Below are materials and links for my course ‘A Geological History of Yorkshire’

PowerPoint slideshow:

PDF handout of slideshow:

Geological timescale (International Commission on Stratigraphy): https://stratigraphy.org/chart

The rock cycle: http://geologycafe.com/erosion/rock_cycle_illustrated.html

John Phillips’ 1855 geological map of Yorkshire: http://www.geology.19thcenturyscience.org/books/1855-Phillips-Yorkshire/figures/1855-Phillips-Yorkshire-p0030.jpg

Yorkshire Geological Society introduction to the geological history of Yorkshire: http://earthwise.bgs.ac.uk/index.php/Geological_history_of_Yorkshire

For a broader overview of the geology of Northern England, this page from the British Geological Survey is very helpful: http://earthwise.bgs.ac.uk/index.php/Northern_England_%E2%80%93_introduction_to_geology