The Great York Fossil Hunt

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Can you really find fossils on the historic streets of York? Yes you can, as we explain in this introductory video:

Fossils such as ammonites, bivalves, burrows, corals and crinoids can all be found in the cobbled streets, buildings, and gardens of York. You can download a short guide to them below:

If you’re interested in hunting for fossils in York yourself, we’re now running York’s Hidden History walks, which include York fossil hunts. The inaugural Great York Fossil Hunt takes place on Sunday August 1st at 2pm, and is a free, family-friendly event, meeting on the cobbles at Woodsmill Quay on Queen’s Staith. Tickets are sold out, but we will be running it again soon.

A fossil coral in the cobbles of Queen’s Staith

Keep an eye on the ‘events‘ page of the Hidden Horizons website for more details.


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