Chalking With Dinosaurs, part 5

After an interval of many months, I’ve been prompted to finally produce a fifth part of Chalking With Dinosaurs, featuring me making footprints in the sands of Scarborough’s South Bay, and then hunting dinosaur footprints in the rocks of the South Cliff:

The video features as part of my live ‘Chalking With Dinosaurs’ talks at the Lyme Regis Virtual Fossil Festival and the Geologists Association’s Virtual Festival of Geology.

Should you wish to print out a copy of the CWD handout that features at the end of the video, you can download it here:

A Geological History of Yorkshire

Middle Jurassic trace fossils from the Yorkshire coast

Below are materials and links for my course ‘A Geological History of Yorkshire’

PowerPoint slideshow:

PDF handout of slideshow:

Geological timescale (International Commission on Stratigraphy):

The rock cycle:

John Phillips’ 1855 geological map of Yorkshire:

Yorkshire Geological Society introduction to the geological history of Yorkshire:

For a broader overview of the geology of Northern England, this page from the British Geological Survey is very helpful: