An Introduction to Geology: 4


Lower Jurassic mudstones and limestones, Lyme Regis (from Wikimedia Commons)

PowerPoint presentation for lecture 4: 2013_IntroGeol_Lect4_sedy

A Geological Society information page on sedimentary rocks can be found here.

A BBC Bitesize summary of sedimentary rocks can be found here.

A list of US Geological Survey resources on sedimentary geology can be found here.

For information on the soils of the UK, go to the NERC Soil Portal.

The British Society of Soil Science also provides lots of educational information about soils, including lots of free downloads.


An Introduction to Geology: 3


Igneous rocks (from Wikimedia Commons)

Lecture notes for class 3: 2013_IntroGeol_Lect3

A guide to some of the common rock-forming minerals.

A summary of igneous rocks, magmas and volcanoes (courtesy of Tulane University)

National Museum of Wales’ guide to minerals (including those of the igneous rocks of Wales)

The UK Virtual Microscope (images of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks in hand specimen and under the microscope, courtesy of the Open University).

Teaching resources on volcanoes (courtesy of the US Geological Survey)

Volcano in the lab (a Royal Society of Chemistry experiment to build your own wax volcano)

High resolution, simplified geological map of the UK (from the same website)

The Mentos-Diet Coke volcano (a very explosive DIY experiment!)

Eruptions of confection (a lot of volcanic cakes – of no scientific value, but good fun!)

An Introduction to Geology: 2


Geological time spiral

Lecture 2 handout: 2013_IntroGeol_Lect2

Geological timescale charts (from the ICS)

Determining the Age of the Earth (Scientific American special edition, containing lots of short papers on the topic)

British geological time and climate (free poster from the BGS)

Old Father Time (a Rocky Road article about William Smith)

The time lord of York (my article about John Phillips)

Fortune favours the brave (my article about the Precambrian-Cambrian boundary)

Holmes the Detective (Rocky Road article about Arthur Holmes)

The challenges of dating the oldest rocks (New Scientist article)




An Introduction to Geology: 1 (updated)


Lunar collision

Lecture 1 handouts:

2014_IntroGeol_Lect1_SML (PowerPoint)

2014_IntroGeol_Lect1_SML (PDF)

Useful links:

James Hutton: Founder of Modern Geology (American Museum of Natural History article)

Neptunism vs Plutonism (a Scientific American article)

Charles Lyell and uniformitarianism (University of California Berkeley article)

Darwin the geologist (Darwin correspondence project)

How to use zircons to trace the earliest rocks on Earth (AMNH article)

The Oldest Rock In The World (National Public Radio article)

Archaean life and rocks (University of California Museum of Paleontology article)