Life Through Time – Evolutionary Palaeontology (Part 1)

Proterozoic stromatolites from South America.

A colour pdf of the first week’s lecture slides can be found here: 2013_LifeThruTime_Lect1

If you’re looking for a good palaeontology textbook, try Mike Benton & Dave Harper’s “Introduction to Paleobiology and the Fossil Record” (2009).

Useful web resources on evolution and fossils:

1. History of life through time (University of California Museum of Paleontology)

2. Understanding Evolution (University of California Berkeley)

3. Evolution (Natural History Museum, London)

4. Evolution (PBS)

References for Class 1:

Half-life of DNA – Allentoft et al (2012)

Microfossils, Red Queens and Court Jesters – Peters et al (2013)

Earliest fossil bacteria – Wacey et al. (2011)

Earliest fossil MISS – Noffke et al. (2012)

1.3 billion years of acritarchs – Huntley et al. (2006)

An interview with palaeontologist Dr Leila Battison, on the origins of life, can be found on the Palaeocast website here.